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Mike McCormick specializes in custom mosaics for individuals as well as commercial clients. Any item can be custom designed to your own specifications. Each project is "one of a kind" and the service provided will match in excellence. Often customers provide pictures or patterns to be used in the design process. Throughout this process, you are in direct communication with the artist and will be updated with digital photos to view the status your piece and to approve any design changes.

Pricing varies dependent on the size, materials, complexity and installation of the work requested. Orders are typically completed in three to four weeks. View gallery of custom tables.

If you are inspired to enhance your home, landscape or commercial space with the timeless beauty of mosaic art, please contact:

Mike McCormick

To receive a quote for a custom table or any other custom item, please email or call (562) 505-1779 with a general description of the item you would like, including the preferred size (diameter or length and width) and your location. With this information, a price range for your creation including delivery to your home or business can be provided.

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